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Re: Rising tide of hooligans and mass attacks

Yeah I agree. It was rhetorical and meant to explore how would someone apply what they have learned in this situation. From there the discussion veered to why the situation had to happen in the first place. Couldn't be help I guess.

I wish there was a systema practitioner here that can give some input on mass attacks. I know they train sometimes for this although its never at full speed.

Osensei use to do the surround and attack thingey. Although never to the extent of this many attackers.

In silat we've never done this many either.

According to some senseis they believe that at any point in time, only 6 attackers have access to you. I can almost believe that this is to a certain extent true. If I can keep the first row busy away from me, they will certainly form a barrier to the ones in the rear.

The question is how long can I keep it up before the barrier is bust.

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