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Re: Yoshinkan basics within the ASU

Originally posted by Steven
Jacques Payet Sensei of the Yoshinkan stated in his Aiki-Expo reflections on the Aikido Journal BB the following:

I'm courious as to what the ASU members on this board think of this and if this is encouraged.

Payet Sensei also said:

I wonder what folks think about this. I for one have learned a lot from my ASU brothers/sisiters at Pikes Peak Aikikai, my dojo away from home, so I agree with this statement and think it is a great thing.

Anyone know who may have encouraged this exchange?
Saotome Sensei, our teacher in the ASU, is not a teacher who presents things in a sequential and organized fashion. ASU folks often have sloppy basics at a given early rank on the other hand they tend to know more variations and have the ability to move between techniques if one technique is stopped by a partner.

I think that Ikeda Sensei's comment reflects his undertsanding that the Yoishinkan system is quite organized and helps students develop very solid basics. We could all benefir from that.

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