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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Charles Hill wrote: View Post

Anyone aware of Szczepan's history of posts and of Endo Shihan's teaching and practicing style could have predicted the result that seems to have happened.


I highly recommend that you more thoroughly check out an instructor before you invest your valuable time, effort and money on a seminar. For example, you could have spent 30 minutes (or less) looking at Seishiro Endo clips on youtube and probably would have come to the same conclusion.

Hi Charles,
It is true that in certain moment of aikido development you, by simply looking at someone, exactly know his level of understanding of aikido.
However, at this level you don't learn in the same way as beginner by simply imitating teacher movements - rather, you are 'feeling his spirit' - I don't know how to describe it better.....hmhm........... like ' by induction', without touching him........... because your senses are very sensitive as a result of many years of training.

So sometimes, even if I normally don't practice in particular way, I like to go for some strange Ďaikido style' training, if the instructor has a good level.

The concepts that Endo Sensei is teaching are very difficult. You must have not only capacity of demonstrating it, but what is more important, you must have very strong, modern, step by step pedagogical approach if you want to teach it efficiently.

I believe that Endo sensei developed very high level of understanding of aikido, but he doesn't know how to teach it efficiently. He is simply coping Yamaguchi sensei teaching. In the present way, such approach fails and is useless. I've been observing this style of aikido since many years, and presently don't have any hope for better future for it.
They should change the name (as K.Tohei did many years ago), they don't teach aikido anymore.


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