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Re: Rising tide of hooligans and mass attacks

William Hazen wrote: View Post
"We Must Fight a Counterinsurgency"

"Why should we let the 1% of our population control ther other 99% through fear and gun violence"

These quotes were lifted from a parent being interviewed on the HBO Program Real Sports about the exceptional number of High School Athletes who have been shot and killed in the Newport News (and surrounding towns) of Virgina in the last year.

Guns and Gangs...Kid's with a warped sense of honor...A popular rap culture the looks down on citizens who report crimes to the police... A popular Multi-Media Entertainment culture which glorifies violence...drugs...and treating woman as second class citizens or sex toys...

There is nothing most can do about being at the wrong place and the wrong time except try to survive it and protect the innocent...

But we can fight back through the "Art of Peace" through advocacy, example, and courage in the face of ignorance.

Just like that dad is trying to do...

At least that is the path some of us have chosen with our Aikido

WIlliam Hazen
Well said! Advocacy through individual effort is the only way mass change can be addressed at all. It takes a variety of effort, from the teachable moments of everyday life (e.g. "random" acts of kindness), to efforts aimed at specific issues. It's a sad fact, in my opinion, that most people are content to let others lend a hand: apathy, cynicism, and isolationist attitudes are more of a problem than the violence itself because they allow the causes of anti-social behavior to fester. Societies which cease to be socially-minded cease to be societies, in my opinion.

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