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Re: Rising tide of hooligans and mass attacks

My tactics for dealing with groups are simple. I give the leader a healthy dose of intention and I react to nothing they do. I watch my body language to make sure I'm impossible to read and I just quietly wait for them to wet themselves.
People fear people they can't connect with and can't read. And they fear people with self control. They start trying to reason it out and it freaks them out. Why are you not scared? Are you armed? Do you know kung fu? What is it that allows you to just sit there unmoved in the face of threat and aggression?

I figured this out in school one day. The group that used to pick on me found me sleeping one day and yelled into my ear and though I woke up, I didn't react and they go scared.
So I stopped reacting to them, six weeks later they would get out of my way in the corridor, in fact they wouldn't come near me at all and I could easily stare them down.
In fact they started getting paranoid; they were convinced that I was going to pull off a columbine and they were all within a hairs breadth of me killing them. Rather than chasing me to the train station they were running from me. The girls liked it too actually. Suddenly I was attractive because all the other lads feared me.

I've found that I can use the same method to psychologically crush just about anyone only I've refined it so it works in a couple of minutes.
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