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Re: Rising tide of hooligans and mass attacks

Ahmad Abas wrote: View Post
I've no idea what the world has come to nowdays. My country Malaysia used to be so peaceful that I've never had fear of walking alone anywhere at anytime.
I don't know much about Malaysia either, but I know popular culture has a lot to do with gang violencein America. I've always been a very peace-minded person, but even I enjoyed pretending I was "Ghetto Fabulous" as I listened to the Bloods and Crips; Eazy E. etc. growing up. It's easy to feel tough when you know half a platoon of guys is going to back you up, I suppose.
I was shocked to see "bike gangs" in Japan. One time at the bus stop in Himeji I saw a guy in a work truck decide to intimidate some of these bikers (who would ride in circles by the train station, going on the sidewalk, etc.). Eventually, this guy in the work truck, swinging a stick out the window caught up to the last of the bikers and cut them off, got out of the car and started yelling. The problem came when the rest of the bikers had finished their circuit and came upon the guy (who had clearly scared the kids he cornered). No violence happened, but the options were clear: fight with all the bikers en mass, or take off. The worker took off, wisely enough, and the bikers continued their two-stroke merry-go-round impersonation. All around the world it's the same song: young kids with nothing better to do and some group willing to make them feel empowered.

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