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Re: Rising tide of hooligans and mass attacks

Mr Hackett,
the gangs are more like the Japanese motor cycle gangs.
They meet up every night to race and do stunts usually with a female pillion rider.
Some engage in free sex orgies, drugs.
Some engage in theft to raise funds for the above and race money.
Some just engage in violence because they've basically lost all semblance of humanity.

Our police recently caught 3 of them who were serial rapists for the past year. All three of them were married, and a couple even lived together with their wives younger sister.

What you say about the mob is exactly true. Even if there is a motorcyclist who was not a part of their gang but say got involved in an accident with car, these gangs usually will come and beat the crap out of the driver. Even if its not his fault or he was trying to help out the guy.

Mr Varin,
"I don't know much about Malaysia, but my guess is that there are no real individual rights, private property ownership is not truly respected, and you have very strict guns control laws.

It wouldn't surprise me if your former peacefulness was due to very harsh and violent aggression on the part of your government to maintain it."

Your assessment here is a bit harsh. We do have laws that's derived from British law. Private property and individual rights are respected but yes its far from perfect. We don't really have hooligans walking around town raiding houses like pirates. Yes we have very strict gun control. Licensed individuals must have very very good reasons before they get a gun.

And uh, we still are at peace. The government isn't violent. We have opposition parties that run against the government. But yes the government takes advantage of their position to control media that are bias to them. But they don't go and kill or imprison rival politicians.

As far as this gangs or 'rempits' as we call it. There are too many layers to deal with. There are the teenagers who are out to have a good time and somehow gets drawn into the excitement of illegal racing and women, then there are also the true hardcore which we are suddenly seeing more off now.

This problem has been gradually rising in the past 5-7 years or so.

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