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Re: My shodan exam on YouTube

Peter Gröndahl wrote: View Post

Be glad that you didn´t take the test in Sweden, for some reason the swedish aikikai has a strict "no video/no photography"-rule on dan examinations.
What's the reasoning behind the rule. My shodan exam is the home movie I watch the most. You can learn a lot about what you need to improve on by watching clips of yourself. I also appreciated the opportunity to watch the shodan movies of others as I prepared my exam.

I can imagine abuse of such videos. I would not have wanted soemone other than myself to make my exam quite as public as YouTube. And those that failed that day, there were a few, would probably feel even more strongly about it. On the other hand the exam is fairly public. Mine was at a seminar where Tamura sensei made one of his very rare North American appearances and there were hundreds of people around because of it.

Jonathan Olson
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