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Re: Fictional films on O Sensei?

There's a Japanese film made in 1975 entitled "Gekitotsu! Aikidô".. It stars Jirô Chiba and Sonny Chiba. It's is a fictionalisation of Morihei Ueshiba's early years in Hokkaido.. Jirô Chiba plays Morihei Ueshiba..
IMDB entry is here

Gekitotsu! Aikido - 1975 - Color - Widescreen - Extras

An action movie that illustrates the struggle of Morihei Ueshiba who was born in a farming family in Wakayama (an area in Japan) on his way of pursuing the heart of martial arts until he finally created his own well-polished martial arts Aikido in which he included the strengths of other martial arts such as old-style Judo, Kendo, and spearmanship. It was the first time that Shinichi Chiba's younger
brother Jiro tooks the leading role in a movie.

Directed by: Shigehiro Ozawa
Cast: Jiro Chiba, Sue Shiomi, Sonny Chiba

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