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Re: YouTube: Aikido Demo Video

Daniela Barkasy wrote: View Post
oh cry me a river. not everyone can spell the terminology in a precise manner. Deal with it or go find someone else to whine to. If you feel I'm shaming myself, my dojo, and aikido then you're reading into it far too much and are in serious need of a hobby.

You probably don't remember me, but we've trained before and may again this summer.

Josh isn't whining, he's telling you something really important and it's worth paying attention. You do represent yourself, your dojo, and aikido when you demonstrate publicly or even post here for that matter.

He didn't say that you've shamed your dojo, merely that your behavior will reflect on those things and part of good budo practice to not only be aware of that, but to care about it, make appropriate decisions, and to learn and improve from any feedback.

Good effort on your demonstration. Your enthusiasm for aikido shows.


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