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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

Now hold on.

I loved the seminar. I am sure not everyone did. That is ok too.

I firmly believe that what I learned from Endo Sensei were the following two key things:
1 - I can, and did and have since, applied the concepts and excersises to my martial-way of training. Absolutely. And the martial component has been amplified (and I thought what I did was fairly martial to begin with).
2 - There are as many different views of what Aikido should and should not be as there different deshi of O-Sensei.

I believe martial principles were being explored in a different, complementary manner than in a classic fashion. Call it 3/4 exploring different ways of getting to the same destination (awase, kuzushi, etc) and 1/4 of the seminar applying them in a martial way which was up to you, the student, to take responsibility for.

I do believe however that if you walked into that room with a closed mind, you got the results you were expecting to get (see this topic for a good example of this concept).

One should never, ever blindly accept what is being taught as gospel, by any teacher, but you should always ask yourself what you can learn from them, as there is always something to be learned.

Sometimes you just have to stop fighting it and let that learning come to you. It's ok, you wont melt, and it wont erode what you think your aikido should be....unless you cling to that image so desperately and blindly that, in that case, maybe a little erosion which prompts you to ask yourself some questions is likely not a bad thing.

In the meantime, I found myself looking at flights for Paris and Vienna later this year...

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