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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Thomas Donelson wrote: View Post
Thomas Donelson is quoted:

By wrist-lock dance, I mean the positioning of footwork by the person trained in writst-locks, as a potential victim, to be in a confrontation with another individual, a potential attacker.

The wrist-lock trained victim would be positioning himself so that if the attacker did attempt to strike the victim, that the victim would be envisoning a sequence of stepping aside, blocking the fist and arm of the attacker, and then forming a wrist lock, on the attacker, so that further steps can be made to position the victim such that the attacker would have difficulty in striking the victim, with his free hand.
Okay this one I can visualize - but...

Thomas Donelson wrote: View Post
In some Aikido training, it is taught that if an attacker punches in, to grasp the arm, and create moves to get the attacker off balance, and place the attacker on the mat.
...THIS? Are you talking about catching a punch?

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