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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Thomas Donelson wrote: View Post
I prefer to stand my ground when people are drunk, agitated or otherwise threatening me.
Would you be willing to elaborating on this?

Visualizing using the wrist locks I know, gives me confidence to continue to face people who are speaking to me in a threatening manner.
Confidence is good. I know when I'm confident I don't hesitate as much and I generally look less like an easy it both frees me to act decisively as well as possibly disuading the would-be attacker.

I visualize situations for sub-teens, where there is a future realtionship with threatening indivdiduals.
Something I can appreciate since the first words one of my best friends uttered to me was, "touch my shoes and I'll kick your ass," (his shoes were on my seat).

Respect is a first element of a basis for negotiation.
Well amen to that! In my opinion, this is an under-appreciated fact of social dynamics.

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