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Re: How can I choose a good dojo?

Originally posted by erminio
I decided to learn Aikido seriously, I'm reading a book on it ("Aikido and the dynamic sphere) and I'm going to subscribe to a dojo on September.
Please don't make the mistake of basing your idea of Aikido on any one book. The best place to learn about Aikido is from an instructor and they might either praise the book or use it as firewood.

I don't know your reasons for putting it off till September but if I were you I would take the time and visit a number of dojos, hopefully take a class or two, and then come September, make an informed decision.

Might I also suggest

As Tom's pointed out it is as important to check out the other students as it is the instructor. If you really do get serious about it you will spend a lot of time with these folks.

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