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Re: YouTube: Aikido Demo Video

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
Downloading your demo now...

Best bit : The crowd went OOH when Daniela first got dumped on her head!

Worst bit : Daniela falls too early in the hand-to-hand throws, but that's kinda normal for some dojos so maybe that's what you're taught in yours.

I didn't think Daniela slumped much compared to what I was expecting after reading the comments. Good job.
Best bit- HEY! lol did i really fall on my head? I remember crushing my ribs.....

Worst bit-falling early? some of that, yes, I did because I couldn't really figure where she was going with it on the spot like that so I decided to just falling instead of standing there struggling with her. I noticed on some of them it looks like I kind of just gave up but, that was why.....our dojo, however, does teach to fall before we get hurt but not to just give ourselves up like a rag doll....

Gosh, everyone keeps commenting my posture. was it really that bad?

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