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Smile Re: Sensei -- drinking??

just a quick update on what is going on at the dojo. First of all, the sensei is realizing he needs some time to himself and is taking a month off... So that is a step in the right direction. Yes it is everybody's responsibility on the dojo but asking everyone their opinion (instead of perhaps the just the senior students) would be, in my opinion, rude and hurtful ... (sort of like "A giant conversation going on at the dojo about the sensei and he is not even aware of the conversation") ... I think that remaining more disrete is the best alternative righ now. As it stands, he is taking the month off and hopefully get some stuff sorted out and come back with a clearer head.

Driving to another dojo is a good idea also but there are none close to where I am .... nearest one is about 2 hours away .... but the suggestion was a valid one also.

As far as the sensei interpreting concern for interest, yes I was worried because in the past (when things in his relationship status became rocky ... he did express interest in me and I quite boldly declined) ... so yes, it is a complicated situation ... but I appreciate all suggestions given by others thus far.

Thanks again for all your ideas and suggestions ...

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