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Re: YouTube: Aikido Demo Video

Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it quite a bit (but my partner I'm clueless about.

Nick- I think what happened was that after the majority of it, we are basically running on fumes, and then our focus wavers quite a bit. Therefore, we end up losing our zanshin. Hopefully we can make it so that even when we have no energy, we can keep zanshin. Thank you!

Dan- I've never thought that the "clunky, goofy" techniques could appeal more. You have a point when you say that the impressive stuff can intimidate newcomers.

Michael- I think that Daniela and I were trying to make it at smooth as possible, which meant falling whenever it felt like we were supposed to. I know that probably shouldn't have been done, but the show must go on. and Cheerleaders? why cheerleaders? Just a side story, we had the hardest time with the cheerleaders when preparing for our performance...

All the best, -Valerie
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