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Re: Sensei -- drinking??

Aw ha!

Here is the deal, drunken Sensei (sounds like a movie) in class. Going through brake with girl friend of 9 years. So Sensei now drinks breastly all the time to numb as an escape of the pain of broken heart of course. Lisa states, he is intoxicated on the mat. Therefore, we can deduct the dude is a drunk. Lisa1978 doesn't tell us how other students feel except for senior student who is frustrated too, Lisa1978 is concerned if she speaks to him he will take it as if she is interested in her. But she says she is a poor communicator and she fears her words can get misinterpreted. And the senior "male" student is shut down.

Therefore, the responsibility to fix this problem falls on the shoulders of our heroine Lisa1978, who is a bad communicator and thus, is afraid the drunken sensei will get the wrong message and sexually make an advance, or something like that.

Frankly, thinking the Sensei in a committed relationship for nine years whose heart is broken is going to hit on her while in the dojo and drunk is stereotyping men and is a bit vain, unless Lisa1978 is FHM cover hott! then yea! Why is there soooo many posts that model this scenerio in various degress? I think there is a conspiracy going on against men. .

Me being a bit skeptical,insulted as a man, and feeling that I got played, the probability is very high. Called it Pro-male Defensiveness. Yes, I know, I am a white male, I don't have that right to be insulted or defensive. BUT, more importantly, there are allot of people who gave sincere, and good advice. it would be a shame if they where played for the sake of someone's agenda.

If this scenario is real and the people giving advice are being respected and not being played. I want to be sincere and respectful, and NOT joke around. My response would be then, that it is the WHOLE dojo's responsibility as a group and individuals to tell the sensei they are concerned. If their concerns are not met and he doesn't stop drinking then it is up to each individual to decide what they want to do. After all it is his dojo, he is the Sensei. If it is a real big problem, and his drinking is scary enough that it might end up hurting someone or himself, then stopping Aikido training for awhile or driving 1/2 hr away to another dojo is worth every scarifice for a person not getting hurt. That is pretty obvious and is the thing to do.

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