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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens


There are some very good resources out there, on how to deal with schoolyard/playground bullying. I would strongly suggest and encourage you to do some research in this area.

Bullying is simply a form of violence - verbal, psychological as well as physical. In that respect, it is no different to the material covered in most generalized self-defence strategies; i.e the general approach is the same - be aware and avoid, verbally de-escalate or diffuse the situation, walk/run away, call for help, tell an adult/teacher etc. Physical self-defence responses should only be the action of last resort, and one should always be aware of the legal/regulatory consequences of such a course of action.

If you have to engage, in order to disengage from the situation, gross, generalized movements are favourable to wrist locks. Wrist locks are generally low percentage techniques and difficult to apply without a modicum of training. OTOH, gross, generalized movements do not necessarily imply punch/kick either.

Aikido encompasses far more generally applicable principles that can help empower an individual to "rise above it". Limiting it to mere technical responses narrows one's options and is, IMO, shortsighted.

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