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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Frankly the idea of "dealing with" a bully by putting on halfassed wrist locks and releasing them and putting them on again as needed strikes me as one of the at best misguided and at worst asinine things I can think of.

One should either de-escalate verbally, get the heck away, or take the person down. What is posited here is "neither fish nor fowl" and simply leaves one engaged in a lose-lose situation that I believe will escalate things.
I have found it helpful to have a moderate path to utilize, in the Wrist-Lock dance. Situations like Bar fights, disagreements with co-workers, people with whom I expect to have future relations.

I prefer to stand my ground when people are drunk, agitated or otherwise threatening me. Visualizing using the wrist locks I know, gives me confidence to continue to face people who are speaking to me in a threatening manner. I have confidence that I can protect myself, protect them, and preserve their dignity, by allowing them to remain standing, while they try to hit me.

I am looking forward to learning more wrist locks, and learning the techniques to overcome deliberate resistance.

I visualize situations for sub-teens, where there is a future realtionship with threatening indivdiduals.

It is considered the crime of assault to put someone in fear of being hit or harmed in some way. But calling the police, or filing charges in court, seems a little over the top. I recall the New Testament mentions working out problems between each other, rather than involving the courts. Respect is a first element of a basis for negotiation.

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