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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

Gianluigi Pizzuto wrote: View Post
In one case 2 people assaulted a guy with his fiancee. He got beaten up badly while she was raped. A couple of guys who got caught where for sure not sedentary people, but 2 very well fit young men who would have outrun easily many women...and me too
It's a good point to make that simply being able to run fast will not necessarily keep you safe...particularly when you're with another person who might be slower. I'm just saying that in my personal hierarchy of behavior, "getting out of Dodge" is my first option to work toward, and running is a good way to do that. The ability to cover a lot of ground fast has helped me avoid several possible problems.
Your example brings up an issue I almost included in my last post, and that is the fact that I now have a pregnant wife and will soon have a child to care for. Fittingly enough, it's reinforced my desire to train more seriously.

I played soccer too and I seriously doubt you can run faster than someone chasing you by watching behind you.
I've done it, but again, it depends on who's faster, my point is simply that it can be an option for many people. You seemed to think running is only an option when you're already quite a distance away and I think it can be at only a few inches away...when the circumstances are right, of course.
...not to mention that you are not in a soccer field, thus you need to look where you step.
Good point, but as a paintball player I'm used to running one way while regularly looking in another direction...same is true for playing soccer when challenging a head ball for example. It doesn't always look pretty though and can make for some good blooper reels. You're right, running in the woods, for example, will be much more difficult than running down the street...and different streets have more obstacles than others. I don't mean to make it sound like an automatically easy task if I'm coming across that way.

Do not forget fear, that will have people react differently, some women might get an extra sprint or breath, some might lose all their breath in the first 10 steps because of it.
Good point, no sense being tired when you start to tangle. In this kind of situation I suppose it's a gamble since you'll certainly have less energy after a hard and long sprint.

In my humble opinion the best self defense class is not the one that teaches you to run or to strike first, but the one that teaches you how to examine the situation and act consequently.
It sounds like we agree overall. In my mind protecting yourself has always been about having enough awareness to evaluate a situation and respond accordingly. Simply learning how to grapple or strike or run isn't the best way to keep yourself safe from an attack, in my opinion.
Good examples, thank you!
take care,

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