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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

Sadly in my country (Italy) there has been a period recently where several women where assaulted and raped (it caused several racist counter assault, but this all another story). The situations were very different, but for sure none of them had the time to run. In one case 2 people assaulted a guy with his fiancee. He got beaten up badly while she was raped. A couple of guys who got caught where for sure not sedentary people, but 2 very well fit young men who would have outrun easily many women...and me too
I played soccer too and I seriously doubt you can run faster than someone chasing you by watching behind you...not to mention that you are not in a soccer field, thus you need to look where you step.
Do not forget fear, that will have people react differently, some women might get an extra sprint or breath, some might lose all their breath in the first 10 steps because of it.

In my humble opinion the best self defense class is not the one that teaches you to run or to strike first, but the one that teaches you how to examine the situation and act consequently. You might have the chance to strike the groin and run, you might have the chance just to run or yell for help...but you might find yourself compelled to comply with the criminal's "requests" till you find the right occasion to do something. I would never raccommend a woman to fight when she has a knife pointed at her chest (many expert MAist died because of a knife), but by complying initially might offer a chance to react when the assailant loosen up to get what he wants.

So in a class yes teach women to run, how to strike to create a time opening to run or some good techniques to strike weak areas in case of close body fight. But first of all, they (well we all, not only women) need to be taught how to assess the situation and make the right choice.
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