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Keith Larman
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Re: YouTube: Aikido Demo Video

On demos...

We do one a year. And frankly while we might occasionally gain a student, I think the real value is in letting the kids and newer adults get up on stage and "do their thing". I would bet that if I posted video of the new students there would be no shortage of criticism of their techniques -- lord knows I'm doing that in my head as I watch. But... It ain't the point anyway. The kids have a blast and their friends often come to watch. Insightful viewers hopefully will notice that the new folk and kids look different from the instructors. And the experienced folk do get up there near the end and do things at full speed and intensity. I let one of my 16-year-olds toss me into 4 breakfalls in a row. It was all good.

To me the real benefit of the demos is to give the students a chance to show what they know and where they're at. Yeah, there is some PR aspect to it, but not a lot in the final analysis. The kids are the ones who have the best time. And their parents cheering in the audience. So we get up, do our thing, have a good time, then go out for lunch...

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