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Re: YouTube: Aikido Demo Video

Well since you ask Val; I hand't seen the demo before. First of all congratulations for putting it together, working it out and following through. I'd say its even gutsier to post it here than to perform in front of the school, and to allow ratings on the youtube video ..

Well, I got a bit confused by some of the weapons stuff, you're going to have to show me in person some of that fancy jo. The kumitachi.. (modified for demo, I realize) needs lot of work, dont worry you have plenty of time.

Val you don't slouch as much, but sometimes.. you get this intense focus on the floor .. both you and Daniela need to stand up staight and address each other

I liked what I saw of zanshin, It was a pretty long demo ..

as for the flashy stuff its not exactly my cup of tea, but i think it actually suits you

Alfonso Adriasola
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