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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

Thomas Donelson wrote: View Post
Is ther a reason that Karate instructors cannot incorporate some teaching of Aikdo Energy flow for venting about problems?.

No reason at all, except for the fact that they may never have studied aikido and do not have the experience to teach it. I've been training in aikido for more than 20 years now and I can't say very much at all about karate (or kung fu, or tae kwon do, or savate, etc.) having never studied them.

What I can say is that I do not think that wrist locks isolated from other training are going to provide the solution you want for these bullied kids. Even for me now it happens from time to time that I fail to get a joint lock because I'm not quite in the right place or my partner is just so stiff that I can't get the lock on. With good movement and timing I can still throw them easily by taking their balance. You can have the best wrist lock in the world, but if you can't get to the right place to apply it, it doesn't mean a hill of beans.

Further, I think you should be very careful about what you show people, given your level of experience teaching this stuff. Are you covered by liability insurance? What might happen if a kid either applies a lock way too forcefully and injures somebody or, more likely, gets beat up after trying a lock that fails?

If you look around, you might well be able to find an aikido dojo that would teach a class for these kids, or an instructor would could come to the school. That would provide the kids with regular, ongoing training, which would give them much better skills.

Food for thought.....
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