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Basia Halliop
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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

The part of the philosphy of Aikido that is intended to foster respect and dispute resolution, can be illustrated with an Aikido wrist lock dance.
I'm actually not sure what you mean, because I've never heard of a 'wrist lock dance' so I'm not positive what you're trying to say or what image you have in your mind.

Is ther a reason that Karate instructors cannot incorporate some teaching of Aikdo Energy flow for venting about problems?
Again, I'm not sure from your choice of words what you mean.

Just that to teach something, that persons needs to really _know_ it themself first, and know it quite well if they wish to teach it. (For example, since you seem to have a bit more experience with karate, perhaps I can use that as an example -- would you encourage someone to get instruction in how to punch or kick or box from someone who read a book about it once or watched a video?)

If you're interested in teaching skills from aikido or in encouraging someone to teach aikido, the first key would be to find a really good local aikido instructor.

If on further reflection what you are interested in is more something along the lines of non-physical conflict resolution skills, again, look around and see who's already around who knows it well.

Just IMHO as a student.
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