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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

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... they mostly seem to work by forcing joints in directions they were never designed to go. They basically work by putting stresses on various joints (the one directly being manipulated, but also, through leverage, other joints e.g. elbow, shoulder).'s actually kind of easy to accidentally injure someone. Personally, my worst injury in aikido was from a wrist lock that was just a tad too hard and sudden and tore something in my forearm -- a tendon, if I remember right -- and it took 6 weeks to heal, (and ice and taping and ibuprofen and physiotherapy).

Thanks for the isight that wrist locks can injure more than the wrist.

I run into parents who take their sub-teen children to Karate. I think that striking and kicking other kids is generaly a bad idea. Particulary without the options of dancing. The part of the philosphy of Aikido that is intended to foster respect and dispute resolution, can be illustrated with an Aikido wrist lock dance.

I am demonstrating writst locks to Parents and to Karagte insgtructors. I may limit my instruction to children directly, but the risk of injury would be a first topic.

Is ther a reason that Karate instructors cannot incorporate some teaching of Aikdo Energy flow for venting about problems?.

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