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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

Gianluigi Pizzuto wrote: View Post
Let's see...a criminal who runs for his living, runs from cops, from other bad guys and runs to quickly assalt victims.
A woman who probably never runs if not going in the morning for a quick jogging or a fast pace walk.
That doesn't really fit with my perception of the average criminal...though I'm not sure about the average woman, I do tend to think the average person is pretty sedentary...relatively speaking of course. I know very little time is spent running from cops and other criminals among the criminals I've known. Still, I would agree that learning how to defend yourself is a more direct way of, well, knowing something about how to defend yourself.

What is the use of giving him her back and get assalted from behind?
Having played soccer for a long time, I think it's possible to look backwards pretty effectively while you can know when you have to act if they're catching up to you. Unless they've already locked onto you somehow or they have a weapon with range or are herding you into an awaiting partner, etc., it's simply a matter of who's faster. As a guy who has played soccer for over 20 years, my ability to run is one of the best assets I have in evading a physical attack, I can see how the same could be true for a lot of women, many of whome run far faster and longer than I do.

If you have hundres of feet advantage ok run,
Hundreds of feet?! Planes fly at hundreds of feet. I learned a lot about how to not let another person catch me by playing tag or "smear the guy with the ball" in about a 20 foot by 20 foot area. Of course, when they did catch me it was a different situation.

...but since when you realize you are being attack, if not really during the attack, it will be with the attacker basically in front of you...I think suggesting turn your back to him and run is not really wise.
I suppose an even wiser option might be to cover both bases: run when you can; kick butt when you have to.

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