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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

Well the thing about attacks is that you usually can't run from them effectively so you have to deal with them. In many respects the "rule of 21" applies for most women that are attacked.

The attacker has closed distance and gotten himself into a position in which the women cannot escape so is running really something we teach them as an effective means of self defense?


do we teach them how to survive as best we can in various situations and prepare them emotionally for what a violent attack may entail?

I personally do not subscribe to the quick fix seminar method of self defense and don't feel qualified to or feel I have the ability to teach someone properly in "12 easy lessons".

I also think that it is a huge responsibility to put someone through a very quick and intensive, emotionally charged "cauldron" without really assessing the pyschological state of someone to handle that type of training.

It is a tough one I think, but I feel more comfortable bring people along slowly and successfully through a process of Budo training where they build a sound base and are brought along mentally, spiritually, and physically until the instructor/s gain a clear picture of the individual.

It is a huge tremendous responsibility.

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