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Re: Romantic Feelings for a Girl at the Dojo

all persons involved that have feelings for another at the dojo, I say this: Tell her how you feel, be mature about it, and don't ramble. Most importantly, speak from the heart and tell her off the mat. My suggestion is to ask her out for drink first. If she accepts then she is likely interested in getting to know you and is a step in your favour. If she declines, politely acknowledge. Here is the kicker, if a woman declines and says she is busy, she might actually have plans. Look at her demeanour and how sympathetic she is when she responds. Try a seconed time and see what she says and if she declines, tell her no problem but that if she ever wants to hang out as friends that would be cool.

As a female perspective, look at her eyes ... if you ask her and she smiles and still holds eye contact, that is a good sign. Women like to touch when they are attracted to someone (ok, I should speak for myslef here). Joking and touching the arm or shoulder are safe places to show attraction ... basically, when we touch someone we are interested in, it sends loads of "feel good" hormones through our body ...

I say, ask her out for drink, tell her you find her very interesting and would like to get to know her more ... you will see right away if she pulls back or if she embraces that opportunity.


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