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Re: Name for youth kyu ranks

As a Taekwondo martial artist (as well as Aikido) I have seen various ways students are identified by color but the most common color scheme I have seen is:
White Yellow Orange Green Blue Purple Brown Black
with a single strip in between the colors for incentive.
That creates a total of 14 belts to wear before putting on the Black ranging from plain white to Brown belt with a single Black strip.
I have found using more than a single strip creates too many ranks.

Also, if you want to make your parents happy don't charge for testing except for the solid colors IMHO. Use the strip as Sensei recognition and incentive for the student to fully commit to training up for the next color. It does create a sense of encouragement. I think of it as a pat on the back as well as a little nudge on the path to the next level.

I have have also seen blue or purple left out totally and I have seen the rank as purple then blue rather than blue then purple.

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