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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

The vision of the confrontation, at school, or on the soccer field, is a progression. Walking away may be an option. Standing ground to agressive intent, is a decision, with a range of times available.

Deciding not to back down, then the victim trained in Aikido wrist lock dancing, would wait for the attacking bully to make a move with his hands, in grabbing or striking.

Shouts such "Please Let Go of me", or "You are hurting Me", or "That Hurt", or "Stop Hitting me" or "Why are you threatening me?" or "Why are you trying to hit me?" can be attempted.

At the same time that defusing phrases are being comtemplated, the victim can position his feet, so that if the bully does try to strike him, that he can evsion various wrist locks to apply and directions to step, in dancing with the Bully.

While envisoning wrist locks to apply, with force, the sensivity to injuring the bully can be contemplated, and as wrist locks are applied, the amount of force needed can be envisioned and judged.

There may be cases, in which your suggestion of applying total control and forcing to the ground, may be necessary. If the bully is on an assignment from a gang, or a criminal, operating as part of a planned heist, then allowing the perpetrator to vent would be of no use.

Ordinarily Gang members are not on assignments, and are just acting tough, and unloved. So deomonstrating concern for the bully, and listening to him rant, and encouraging the attacker to vent, can be part of the defusing process.

The friends of the victim, after the confronation has defused, might say, "Wow, I would have run away. You stood your ground."

Respect from classmates or team-mates can be gained by standing up. Certainly the shouts, wrist locks and dancing may not win every fight. But if the victim has conducted himself in a principled manner, then he/she can have self-respect.

A good sequence of teaching might be for the shouts, the self-control, the channeling of KI, the Injury prevention blocking of strikes, the converting the blocks to wrist holds, and the prevention of injury to an attacker, by practicing sensitivity in wrist holds, and then dance steps.

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