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Re: Aikido Demo Video

Firstly congrats for performing in front of all those kids and holding their attention for so long. That takes guts.

The aikiken was sloppy though. How long have you been doing weapons? It may be wood, but you should really hold it as if you're using live blades.

The jo was cool but again don't forget symmetry in your angles.

Throughout the demo, the taller girl kept slouching. Although the opponent is shorter, don't slouch. Instead just use your eyes. Slouching means you move less from your center.

Can't comment too much more without sounding preachy but overall you guys did a fun demo what with the music and flow. Though it did get a bit jumbled up with your jiyuwaza at the end. I would have preferred a more focused attack by one person and concluded with that person subduing the attacker rather than that ping-pong esque style you employed.

The shorter girl looked like rouronin kenshin by the way. Cool!

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