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Re: Bad Advice and Self Defense

The only bad advice I see in this thing is that :

1. Nothing was said about knowing the laws of your state is a self-defense situation. What you can and can't do to protect yourself- how far can you go. Does ripping a guy's Adam Apple out of the attacker's throat killing him acceptable when he is unarmed, for example. Stuff like that.

2. One size doesn't fit all. Simply running toward an attacker- for all the common and obvious reasons. It is pretty poorly thought out advice considering the dynamics and variables of so many different types of attacks and attackers.

3. The Assumptive, "Your Invincible" Propaganda, what implied. I don't care what martial arts you studied for how many years, or what kind of expert you are, you have to be responsible enough to provide the people you teach with realistic and reasonable information. For instance, there is a chance things can go wrong with any number of variables not favoring the victim. There is no magic, and not everyone is a winner. It isn't like riding a bike. The body forgets over time if not practiced. You have to have hands on experience, lectures alone don't cut it. You have to do things that will be uncomfortable or don't fit into your life philosophy, i.e. you do have to look over your shoulder. You are not safe. That kind of stuff too.

4. Not everyone who talks a good talk, walks the walk. Just because someone gives advice doesn't mean it is good, or it is something that person just picked up having no or little experience.

5. "I am expert cuz I got a black belt. Or cuz I say I am." Just because you do or teach a martial arts or have a black belt, doesn't make you an expert, or an expert in women's self-defense.

6. Being Assumptive. Women are generally likely to be more persuaded by a good talker, a charmer,etc. then someone who can't articulate the self defense stuff very well. Therefore, women generally, give sweet talkers more credibility over those who don't articulate as well. Despite the fact the sweet talker is pulling legs, and the other one could be the real expert.

7. The crux of ignorance -women who have not been attacked. Many women don't grow up being physically bullied where they develop a perspective and knowledge base about self-defense. So it really isn't Darwinism, or Barnum, "A sucker born every minute." It is women experience violence at a latter time in life that is on an adult intensity level of violence and harm. Boys can be beat close to death, or shot at, knives pulled etc. But that is coming mostly from peers who haven't honed or developed their violence. Where as women face developed and trained attackers, from boyfriends beating them to really sick and disturbed stuff done to them. Because of that it is something that doesn't happen on a level of frequency to a very large number of women. For example, on the same scale where 1 out of 5 women or the majority are brutally attacked constantly, something they have to live with daily. Therefore, to them it is something like game of chance, it happens to a few women (based only on news coverage) and not all women. And you got to throw in how women are socialize etc. Sadly, many women function in ignorance of what is self-defense, and what it should be. It isn't Darwin, or what have you.

Women don't generally have a kill or be killed mentality. Whether it is a result of socialization, or the way women's brains are, or both. But, it seems the only time many women really act on self-defense is when they are scared enough into it. At this point they are working from a reactive emotional base- of panic, and not from a proactive preplanned base- cause an attack some how has hits too close to home. Thus, many woman jump on the first source that sounds good they find. They don't prepare for a possible attack, or one that may never come, or the one right around the corner like they do with so many other things. Now it is my experience that women say 55 and up are much more proactive about and in self-defense. IMO, that is good, but way too late to get serious about it.

Now with all that said, I have come across some women not of my own western culture, who are beastly fierce. Who have downed a male attacker bigger and stronger then themselves with the precision and fearlessness of a Navy Seal. I caulk it up to socialization and culture they where raised in. I question the myth that women are any less capable then a man in defending themselves,it is all depending on how they are raised, and the attitude they have.

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