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ca wrote:
I think we have already acknowleged that partners attack beginners (male and female) more slowly. so i hope your last commment wasn't to say that if a woman feels her male partner is not attacking appropriately, HE knows best...and before someone starts saying 'sempai knows best' this is just as often the problem with those junior to me, if not more often.
I'm saying he might know best if he were senior and he might know best if he were junior. Sometimes we overstep our ability without knowing it. It's made worse when we have an issue to prove.

I used that guy as an example because I can imagine a woman worked up about not being treated equally. She works with some guy, who starts soft with her for whatever reason, and she lights him up. The guy looks at her and says, "ok!" Five seconds later the world is black and she has no idea how she wound up at the hospital.

Several responses in this thread were not terribly centered. While I can only imagine the frustration, I just wanted to make the point that sometimes we overstep our ability because of issues not related to what's actually going on at that moment. Everytime, I've gotten really nailed on the mat (non-fluke injuries) it was because I was off-centered over some issue of my own devising.

Note: I'm not saying this isn't a real issue. There's plenty enough idiots in the world. I'm just saying that you might get a hard lesson some day that you will have created.

Am I making any sense?

PS: I don't remember going soft on the guy because of his ability. I remember it being my practice, but his issue encountered one of mine and....
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