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Bad Advice and Self Defense

I ran across this story from another blog and thought I would share. Interesting enough, good self defense and good common sense seem to be lacking tremendously these days. So many romanticize about ideas of self defense. In a lot of cases instant gratification self defense or unproven techniques, set a person up for horrible failures. See the story below.

Yesterday, I passed by a co-worker of mine, who was explaining to her female colleagues how great was a self-defense course she took.

Apparently, she saw an infomercial for a "rape-prevention/self-defense" course, and decided to give it a try. She went for the full certification, and diligently attended all of the three classes they had.

So after three hours, she felt ready to face the scum of the underworld and believed that she will be victorious.

I stood there shaking my head in disbelief, but the other women seemed quite interested in these courses.

Some of the amazing self-defense tricks these people were taught were:
1. Kick the pervert in the crotch. (I can sort-a buy this one)

2. Never run away from a man trying to grab you. Instead run at him and get as close as possible to him. (I can only try and picture the imbecile, who thought of that... take a weak person and move her very close to a physically stronger opponent... oh yeah.. why don't they just take the panties off while they are at it.)

3. Put your hand on his throat (kind-a like a "judo chop") and then hit it with the other hand to "break his throat and kill him instantly". (I am sure that the assailant will be very cooperative with this particular move)

4. Grab his Adam's apple with your thumb and index finger, and rip it off (I guess this has the same probability of working as the one above)

5. the insanity just keeps on piling.... from using secret crotch twisting techniques (tweezers can be deadly ) to implying that you can out-muscle a big guy by manipulating his pressure points (these don't even work in randori.. let alone shiai... or a real life situation)

At the end of her "presentation" I just told her that the best thing she can ever do is running away from the guy, not towards him. My comment did not make much sense to her....

So I am thinking how many women have been given a very false sense of security.. and how many of them will get into much worse trouble by using the "secret military techniques" reserved for the likes of ninjas.....

Thank again, maybe this is Darwinism in action....
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