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Michael Hackett
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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

I have to echo what Kevin is saying. IF you are thinking of teaching wrist lock techniques to kids in school, you'd better know what you are doing on several levels. On the first level, you had better know the actual techniques to a teacher's level of competence. Secondly, you'd better get a formal buy-in or approval from school officials. Thirdly, you better know what the various laws of self-defense are in your jurisdiction, particularly as they apply to students and/or the school setting.

Since you mention that you only know two wrist locks, I assume that you are not an experienced martial arts instructor. If that is correct, you are heading into more trouble than you can imagine.

You can certainly learn something from the Roy Dean material, but that is only part of the equation - the HOW is the easy part; the WHY and WHEN are far more important.

If you are a teacher, don't plan on being awarded tenure if you proceed. If you are a student, plan on getting your fanny kicked by the bullies on campus and being thrown out of school yourself. While your intentions may be noble, the reality you face will be unpleasant. I don't enjoy raining on your parade, but I'm concerned that you're all wet anyway.

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