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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

One Goal of my wrist lock training is to have youngsters avoid getting disciplined, or having witnesses say "That child hit _____." Often witnesses see only part of a confrontation, so even if witnesses are interested in giving a truthful account, striking or kicking in a confrontation, risks a truthful witness giving part of a story, that fails to give the true picture, and can make a child using permissable, lawful self-defense, look guilty.
I am not sure I understand.

You are teaching kids wristlocks they could avoid getting in trouble by using physical force that appears to be less "witnessed"?

You only know two?

What is your background/qualifications to be teaching this stuff to kids?

This is a huge, huge area of responsibility with lots of room for misinterpretation, psychology, and mis-application.

I'd be careful, if you are looking for advice, but I am not sure I completely understand what it is that you are doing and why.

I understand inner city DC some if that is what you are getting at, so yea, I understand the need for a different approach in some areas.

However, I'd think that a more holistic approach to conflict resolution might be more appropriate that teaching subtle forms of jiu-jitsu that can really hurt someone if applied wrong.

I have been doing martial arts for along time and have a very decent background in jiu-jitsu and I would be very hesitant to teach wristlocks to anyone outright. In fact, I pretty much don't teach them until well over a year or so into training to be honest.

I'd probably be looking at this kind of an approach to martial arts training with kids that deal with gangs, violence or the need for self defense vice the tactical aspects of application.

Good luck!

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