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Grr! Fed up with Sensei

I just thought that I share and see what you say.

I have been practicing aikido for long time. More than 15 years. I have seen good and really bad. I have seen the assume and also con artist who tried convince others that what they are teaching Aikido.

The problem that I am fed up with Sensei.

I started with my sensei a long time ago. I had practiced Aikido before practice with him and he was and still assume at Aikido. The problem is of moral character.

Here is problem. When I start practice at dojo he was different person. Not to practice Martial arts with jeweler. No food or drinks in Dojo or on the mat. The Dojo is a sacred place. You do not consume alcohol or take drugs before or during practice. No Gamble bad for mind. Anyone who take drugs or drinks before or after practice would is not be let on the mat and Recife a very harsh talk to. Even diet regimented. Macrobiotic diet. Fish, Rice, Miso.

Over years this changed. He is alcoholic know and lost many students. Life difficult to him and he also had and has money problems. Has also had police problems to.

He has always been the best Aikido instructor to me and is also still the best Sensei in area. Even though is alcoholic and does not have stable job or even Dojo where makes money. I remember when I was younger he say, you don't have money that O.K. come and practice you pay later. I really love this man like second father. He has given to me what no one else could. Another way. Different eyes.

Over the years it has been getting worse and worse with him. First it was the drink, Then gambling then women dancers. Show up to class with alcohol on breath. Show up class tipsy. Not properly looking managing expense. Even letting people of questionable character learn. Bad mind students. Use Aikido bad in ways. One student broke arm of street man.

I never give up on him. Even when dojo was gone I stayed until he got another.

He was hope still good person but don't know anymore. My frond say Akinasu wa yome ni kuwasuna, Taking advantage. I say Saru mo ki kara ochiru, He make mistake.

I feil like time for him is need. To many many years off need.

Keizoku wa chikara nari, I don't give up.

What do you think. Should I give up or go to train in other dojo. I cannot change him he has to change him. Lost his eyes.
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