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Re: Possible to Train By Oneself?

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Hi, folks - Just kidding about the title - I've never taken up Aikido before but have always been interested in it. I'm not sure there is any dojo in my area - Aikido is not that famous in my country - Silat is more like our traditional martial art.
So I'm just wondering is it possible to train by yourselves ?
Are you kidding again with that last sentence?
Just in case you're not:
I think it's possible to train by yourself, but it is very different from training with another person. I have a pretty vivid imagination and I put a lot of stock into the idea that I can use it to simulate training with another person (in fact that's how I memorize formal technique), but it's a poor simulation based on what muscle memory has already been established...which of course requires past training with someone else. So in the sense of learning about our own anatomy and how to purposefully use its functions, yes, solo training is a great way to learn, but I think the best overall training includes a training partner. It adds a level of complexity to the learning that is hard to replicate. I train a little almost every day by myself, but when I go to the dojo, I see much better results.

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