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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 12

Professor Goldsbury,
Thank you for another in depth article. It takes me back to university days getting my degree in Philosophy.
All the talk of language made me think of Esperanto and other attempts at easing the pains of translators. I also remembered reading that Oomoto encourages members to learn Esperanto as part of there creation of utopia. I can't remember the original source I read, but from Wikipedia


The Oomoto religion encourages the use of Esperanto among their followers and includes Zamenhof as one of its deified spirits.
Zamenhof being the creator of Esperanto in 1887.
So I was wondering if you or someone else on the forums knew if Esperanto was used while O sensei was active and if O sensei ever learned or spoke Esperanto?

Thanks again, I and everyone else eagerly await another article.

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