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Re: "Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido" Seminar w/Dan Harden

I am narrowing in on dates. It appears July may be out. There are too many conflicts with everyone's schedules and some just cannot swing it. Jun and Aug are still open. For those who have not sent in their available weekends yet please do so soon. We are trying to settle on a date by mid April.

It might be worth noting that the on-going work here with aikido teachers who run and manage active dojo's is an on-going collaborative specifically addressing incorporating this training into relevant martial movement within their aikido. To which they are reporting demonstrable improvement; both publicly and behind the scenes with their own students and fellow teachers in the art. Which according to the responses I am receiving- was more widely known than I had realized!
I am going to cap this at 20 people in order to get more hands-on work done.
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