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Re: words like god and ki

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Jonathan Hay wrote:
Mary wrote:
The words god and ki cause a lot of response...people get emotional and defensive when the words god and ki are used.
Why is that, do you think?
Because people might think they have the one right answer.
There is only one right answer: Do not treat subjects like objects. Treat all subjects with the respect you, as a subject, expect. Covers God -- and everybody else...

All the Law and the Prophets and the sages and the shamans agree.

When someone errs, (and we do err), correct them as you would like to be corrected -- and, I find, on occasions when I have been particularly unkind -- sometimes I can be very harsh with myself....

What is God, but an acknowledgment that no matter how much we try conceal what we do from anyone, or even ourselves, someone is always watching and judging how we treat each other -- I know -- I am.


Erick Mead
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