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Re: words like god and ki

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
This creates a problem with...precise universal definition. Thus, everyone then [can't] be on the same page in a discussion.
I think even with slippery concepts people can arrive upon the same page, so to speak. The trick is suspending our own metric/rubric in an attempt at "divining" that of the other. Or another way of putting it: not letting pre-existing knowledge taint the upload of new information. That's not to say at some point we shouldn't cross-reference with our pre-existing notions. Presumably, we came up with those for good reason, but information/ideas can obfuscate just as much as they can reveal.
Understanding doesn't need language. In front of Tsubaki America shrine there are two dragons (I think) one with it's mouth open, the other with it closed. They represent understanding without language and I think their archetype applies to this conversation.
I disagree that the use of ki and god (the terms, of course) necessarily bring 'power struggles'...although I might have a slightly different sense of the phrase. I think the power struggles which probably tend to arise around their use are more directly related to other things.

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