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Re: words like god and ki

Buck wrote: We all want to define things in the way we see them, and resist seeing the way others do. Or in the original way such things where created. Maybe this is because, we all secretly want to be as wise and powerful over others and create the idea of gods is to reflect that what is within ourselves, and our own desires. That is way we fight so hard to defend what we believe. Yes, it boils down to power struggles that we use words like god and ki.

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That being said:

Can't we challenge oursleves to step outside of what we believe? Could we really listen and understand what another is saying?

Can't we open our minds and hearts to the bigger not have power over others but to discipline oursleves when we have a habitual response?
Instead of defending my response I can step into the question and breathe into the discomfort.

I can relax more. I can think they might have a point. Maybe I could look at their ideas and allow learning to continue.
Then I might have less to defend and more peace to feel.
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