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Re: words like god and ki

One more thought. In hopes of redeeming myself. Perhaps, I am guilty of being one of those who Mary talks about. But understanding the origin of these things are is important to their existence and what they mean. Where gods and created for this or that reason, as a result of this or that. I can't say for sure but I can say these things have an importance. Here is my take, on that importance.

I feel god and ki primary resulting function is to have power over others. It seems part of being us, is that as humans want power of each other. Take the concept of gods, which seem to provide that power over others, even though the original purpose might not have been that. The origin of god(s) may have been mostly to explain things what was not understood or more powerful then,us, humans. And /or for persuasion and power over others in times previous times where the concept of god(s) was much more powerfully believed in. Gods are a many as the stars, with vast definitions and conceptions of powers.

Ki, in the martial sense is an invisible power used to defeat others generally. It isn't something that can do Cupid's job. Ki is a weapon. Whether it is the application of physics or something else it too was conceived in ancient times where understanding of the sciences where not developed. This creates a problem with language, terminology, and precise universal definition. Thus, everyone then can be on the same page in a discussion. Never the less the origin of Ki is related to having power over others - what ever it its.

I think knowing the importance of or even the origin ( if possible ) of the why, what, and when may answer the ideas of gods or ki existing. It can also lead us to understand why we personally believe in them to exist, (on faith- if you like), or the lack of understanding of what we are going, or happening around us, and then explaining it (we humans have a need for that which we don't understand to be explained) as an act of god or result of ki.

A personal thing here, I think ki is terminology for many physical things that at one time in the past where observed but given the blanket term of ki. For example, Aikido. Meaning it is an art that uses the principles of physics in such away to get the job done,and it is hard to tell what is happening, and the ease of say the throw. In contrast to say brute might and strength. Western wrestling has many maneuvers that can be labeled ki, and moves that are might against might. Ki as a principle of physics, such as a simple fulcrum and lever or pulleys over come the limitations of might. Thus the purpose of the weaker (limited strength or force) overs coming the stronger (greater strength or force). Simply, use the model of tug of war. Both teams pulling against each others force and energy, until one team lowers their center of gravity or uses another principle of physics that the opposing team can't defeat. Sorry, can't even get into the topic of god in the same way.

We all want to define things in the way we see them, and resist seeing the way others do. Or in the original way such things where created. Maybe this is because, we all secretly want to be as wise and powerful over others and create the idea of gods is to reflect that what is within ourselves, and our own desires. That is way we fight so hard to defend what we believe. Yes, it boils down to power struggles that we use words like god and ki.

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