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Re: words like god and ki

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Being in the moment and accepting what every uke offers is sacred. This experience helps me connect to others in the outside world. Both god and ki are in the now. Aikido training deepens this experience for me making my life a sacred mysterious practice.

This is beautifully worded, Mary! Thank you!
As Buck said, these are pretty abstract concepts and that makes it very hard to discuss, but I liken them to abstract or surreal paintings. We may never understand the exact meaning behind their artists' expression (I don't think many of the artists even did), but we can still make the attempt and find a variety of possible meanings...and it is this other-regarding mode of thinking which i think is crucial to conflict resolution, the basic purpose behind Aikido.
I hope I don't come across as too ego-centric in this next bit (just ego-centric enough! ), but I have had a fairly wide variety of friends, many of whom never seemed able to see eye-to-eye on any number of issues, let alone spiritual ones. My perception has pretty much been that these people don't get along because they're too busy translating everything into their own terms AND nothing beyond that. It's a practical mode of behavior because it gives concrete guidelines on how to readily behave. However, the ability to suspend belief is invaluable to me because of examples like these from my own life...which I think ties into Mary's remarks about a sacred and mysterious practice. I'm rarely confident like when I say it's very hard to live in the midst of uncertainty. Mine is an extreme example, but the need to define and categorize ideas can be somewhat compulsory, and for good reason too, but considering the notion that we're all essentially ignorant of the universe at large (from macro to micro), those definitions are somewhat weak to begin with. The ultimate question in topics like these, I think, has to do with functionality: "how does it (the concept) work for you?"
Ok, I don't feel very concise right now so I'll end my bit of rambling there and hope it will have served somethin useful to the conversation. Thanks again for the food for thought!

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