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Marc Abrams
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Re: Sensei -- drinking??

As fellow mental health professional, I concur with Lynn's opinion. I think that this also raises another issue that I have found is particular to Aikidoka.

In our attempts to "live Aikido" we become more "forgiving" and "accepting" of things that go beyond the pale of reason. We do not allow people to drive drunk. Alcohol has a disinhibiting effect upon our actions. Fine motor control and balance begins to diminish with even small doses of alcohol. Would you want somebody demonstrating techniques on you in that condition? The real risk of injury is simply unacceptable. If a person is a professional, then it is reasonable to expect that person to act like a professional.

I can only hope that the seniors in that dojo can speak together, in private to the teacher and inform the teacher that any form of intoxication among students and teachers is simply unsafe and unacceptable. Compassion and sympathy should not override common sense and safety.

Marc Abrams
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