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Maybe taoist orientated but I don't think its taoist derived. Similarly, it might be reasonable to say that Japanese martial arts derived its ancestry from Chinese martial arts, in particular through the same route as had the Chinese martial arts derived its ancestry from India; the shaolin monks.

Kung Fu as you know it, was taught to the chinese monks by an indian monk so as to facilitate their rigorous training and meditation.

As it is speculated that Japan was made up of the chinese imigrants and okinawan indegineous people, it maybe safe to presume that some culture, religion and of course knowledge like martial arts would transfer over.

Karate originated from ToDe (china hand). In Karate are many locks and throws similar to aikido's lock and throws. For a more complete comparison, try looking for shorinju Kempo. This is basically a japanese version of kung fu and is only practiced by buddhist monks in Japan. (well, not only monks... but its supposed to be that way). I guess, the moves have always been there. Aikido may have incorporated those similar looking moves, but I would guess the principle of applying it was unique to OSensei's understanding of it. Therefore although Karate, Kung Fu and Aikido may share kotegaishe, ikkyo and so on, the way its applied are entirely unique to its art. As I said earlier, orientated (or influenced) but not derived.

Anyway... I hope I don't offend anyone with this opinion of mine, if there's any mistake let me know.

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