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Re: Sensei -- drinking??


#1 I can sympathize with you how annoying it is spending 40 minutes on technique then having your instructor return and tell you you're doing it wrong. When that happens to me it makes me wanna skip class-my time is important.

#2 Previous cases of comming to class buzzed. I've went to my class wobbly a few times from drinking. Actually helps me relax and I find myself laughing a lot and having fun. Be that as it may, instructing while under the influence is obviously bad news.
I asked if he had a previous history of this because if he did then I think approaching him on the mater will be much more difficult. If it's something that's "the norm" for him then he will be much less likely to admit to it being a problem. Probably becoming more defensive about it.
Is he drinking because he's splitting up with his wife or is his drinking just getting worse.

3# Only girl in the class? Tricky, especially if you feel your message might be taken in the wrong context.
Might be almost a case of an old boys club. In my opinion the best bet for you is to approach a senior (male) member, let them know you're concerns and promt them to handle it.
I'd be more pronto act on the concerns of a senior member than a junior member. I admit that may be biased or close minded but it happens sometimes right?

Talking to someone about something like this is very hard. It's easy to sit on a high horse and say 'well just do the right thing!' but it' harder when you're the one doing it/involved.

If I was a senior member at your school and a junior member came to me with this problem and I agreed that it was a problem I might consider coming to class just hammered and when the sensei takes me aside to give me shit I'd say 'but dude, you're always coming to class buzzed, I'm just following your example!'. They might realize then that their actions are inappropiate.

It's always hard telling someone their wrong, it's easier IMO to let them see for themselves that their wrong.

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